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Knowledge of plastic pipe

2019-01-19 15:53:54 638

1. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipe (UPVC) is the most widely used plastic pipe in the world. It is also a new type of chemical building material which is developing vigorously at home and abroad. Using this kind of pipe material can play a positive role in alleviating the situation of steel shortage and energy shortage in China, and the economic benefit is remarkable.

1. UPVC pipe has the following characteristics:

1.1.1 good Chemical Corrosiveness and no rust;

1.1.2 it is self extinguishing and flame retardant;

1.1.3 it has good aging resistance and can be used between - 15 ℃ and 60 ℃ for 20-50 years;

1.1.4 the inner wall is smooth, and the surface tension of the inner wall makes it difficult to form scale. The fluid transportation capacity is 43.7% higher than that of cast iron pipe;

1.1.5 light weight, easy expanding, bonding, bending, welding, installation workload is only 1 / 2 of steel pipe, low labor intensity and short construction period;

The volume resistance is 1-3 × 105 Ω. Cm and the breakdown voltage is 23-2kv / mm;

1.1.7 low price;

1.1.8 save metal energy;

1.1.9 UPVC pipe has low toughness, large coefficient of linear expansion and narrow temperature range.

1.2 main application fields of UPVC pipe:

1.2.1 building water supply and drainage pipeline system;

1.2.2 building rainwater system;

1.2.3 pipes for building electrical wiring;

1.2.4 air conditioning condensate system

2. Foam core pipe (PSP)

Core layer foam pipe is a new type of pipe produced by three-layer coextrusion process. The inner and outer layers are the same as ordinary UPVC, and the middle layer is a low foam layer with relative density of 0.7-0.9. Due to the structural use of type I structure principle in mechanics of materials and the foam core layer with energy absorption and sound insulation effect, it has gradually become a kind of plastic pipe instead of cast iron pipe and rigid PVC solid wall pipe.

2.1 PSP has the following characteristics:

2.1.1 the impact strength is significantly improved: the circumferential rigidity of UPVC pipe is 8 times of that of ordinary UPVC pipe.

2.1.2 wide application range: it can be used at - 30 ℃ - 100 ℃, and has good dimensional stability when the temperature changes.

2.1.3 the foam core layer can effectively block the noise transmission, which is more conducive to the drainage system of high-rise buildings.

2.1.4 good heat insulation, 35% lower heat transfer efficiency than non foaming solid wall pipe.

2.1.5 the foam core greatly improves the compressive capacity of the inner wall.

2.1.6 compared with solid wall pipe, it can save more than 25% of raw materials, and the larger the diameter is, the more raw materials can be saved.

2.1.7 the pipe is light and easy to transport and install.

2.1.8 the service life of bending pipe is more than ten years longer than that of solid wall pipe.

2.2 main application fields of PSP;

2.2.1 drainage system of civil buildings;

2.2.2 industrial protection and liquid transportation;

2.2.3 agricultural micro hole irrigation and drainage irrigation;

2.2.4 power and communication cable conduit.

3. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipe

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe is a new type of building drainage pipe developed by South Korea in the early 1970s. It has obtained patents from Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland and other countries, and obtained Chinese patents in 1990. There are six triangular convex spiral lines on the inner wall of the UPVC silencing pipe, which make the water flow freely and continuously along the inner wall of the pipe in a spiral shape, and form the best drainage condition by rotating the drainage, so as to play a good role in energy dissipation at the bottom of the riser and reduce the noise. At the same time, the unique structure of the silencing pipe enables the air to form an air column in the center of the pipe and discharge directly. There is no need to set up a special ventilation pipe as in the past. As a result, the drainage ventilation capacity of high-rise buildings is increased by 10 times, the drainage capacity is increased by 6 times, and the noise is 30-40db lower than that of ordinary UPVC drainage pipe and cast iron pipe. When the UPVC silencing pipe is used together with the silencing pipe fittings, the drainage effect is good.

3.1 unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (upv) silencing pipe not only has the characteristics of upv, but also has the following characteristics:

3.1.1 high capacity of water supply and fluid transportation;

3.1.2 high ventilation capacity;

3.1.3 noise and sound insulation;

3.1.4 economy and energy saving;

3.1.5 easy construction and maintenance;

3.1.6 it can withstand temperature and settlement deformation of buildings. There is no expansion joint.

3.2 PVC pipe is mainly used in drainage pipe system, especially in high-rise building drainage pipe system.

4. Plastic bellows

The special "annular groove" shaped cross-section is adopted in the structural design of plastic corrugated pipe. This kind of pipe is novel in design and reasonable in structure. It breaks through the traditional "plate" structure of ordinary pipe and makes the pipe have enough compressive and impact strength and good flexibility. According to different forming methods, it can be divided into single split bellows and double wall bellows.

4.1 characteristics of plastic bellows:

4.1.1 both rigid and flexible, with sufficient mechanical properties and excellent flexibility;

4.1.2 compared with plate pipe, corrugated pipe per unit length has the advantages of light weight, material saving, energy saving and low price;

4.1.3 the corrugated pipe with smooth inner wall can reduce the flow resistance of liquid in the pipe and further improve the conveying capacity;

4.1.4 it is resistant to chemical corrosion and can bear the influence of acid and alkali in soil;

4.1.5 the corrugated shape can strengthen the load resistance of the pipeline to the soil without increasing its flexibility, so as to facilitate continuous laying on the uneven ground;

4.1.6 convenient interface, good sealing performance, easy handling and installation, reduce labor intensity and shorten construction period;

4.1.7 wide temperature range, flame retardant, self extinguishing and safe use;

4.1.8 it has good electrical insulation performance and is an ideal material for wire bushing.

4.2 main application fields of plastic bellows:

4.2.1 municipal water supply and drainage pipeline system;

4.2.2 building electrical wire piping;

4.2.3 agricultural irrigation

4.2.4 piping of automobile oil pipeline;

5. Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe (CPVC)

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe is made of high chlorine content.