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What's the difference between air cup and plastic cup?

2020-09-05 14:49:18 560

What's the difference between air cup and plastic cup?

Aviation Cup originated in the civil aviation of European and American countries, and later was widely used in catering.

What is the difference between air cup and ordinary cup? For a visual animal, first of all, the most obvious thing is the color rendering effect. Aviation Cup material is: PS material, with high color rendering characteristics! Japanese food and dessert bloggers usually choose the air cup to take photos to restore the original color of the food, so as to give the public an eye experience.

Aviation cups can be used to make various shapes. The transparency of the aviation Cup is 1.6 times that of the glass cup.

And for ordinary disposable plastic cup does not have high color characteristics, may be slightly defeated in the appearance. If the aviation Cup is exclusive to the high-end stores, then the ordinary disposable plastic cup is exclusive to the grounding gas. It's a standard addition to barbecue beer. Barbecue itself is a way of entertainment for many people. Whether in Asia, America or Europe, it is usually a collective activity from small families to large schools and organized by some companies.

Since it's a collective activity, there will be more people. In this case, choosing a grounded, safe, healthy and affordable one is the king's way!